The Top Warts Related Myths You May Have Heard

There are so many skin ailments and some of these can be quite pestering. Warts may see harmless but they can be annoying and sometimes they recur, making things cumbersome for the affected lot. The reality is many myths and wrong conceptions about wart do exist. If you still believe in these warts myths you may get into problems afterwards.

Listed below are some such wart related myths that need to be dispelled.

  • Toads cause warts– It is a gross misconception that contact with toads and frogs lead to wart. The truth is warts are triggered by HPV virus and not any frog species. So, there is no need to panic even if you touch a frog, anytime. These are some poisonous frog species and they should be evaded but in general toads do not cause warts.
  • Warts are not contagious– This idea is absolutely wrong and warts are typically very contagious. Having contacts with an affected person is not advisable at all. Sharing clothing or accessories of such a person is not advisable.
  • Warts don’t recur– Warts once removed, may or may not return. Some types of warts recur and they may not be eradicated without special treatments. Sometimes, not using medication for long time may result in recurrence of warts.
  • Warts are untreatable– This is absolutely false and warts can be treated. However, not all types of warts can be treated with same medication or method. The treatment duration may also vary from one affected person to another, as it is.
  • Warts can’t be prevented– While there is no way to ascertain you will never be affected by warts in your life, precautionary measures can certainly be taken. Taking such preventive measures for warts help bring down chances of both occurrence and recurrence.

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