Natural Breast Enlargement

Many women would like to have larger and more attractive breasts but they are naturally leery of breast enlargement surgery. Others might not be able to afford the expensive surgery.

Not surprisingly lots of ladies are interested in natural breast enlargement as an alternative to breast augmentation or breast implant surgery. Natural breast enlargement refers to the use of alternative methods such as herbs, supplements, exercise and foods to stimulate the growth of breasts.

Some Popular Natural Breast Enlargement Methods:

  • Herbs: a variety of herbs such as P. Mirifica or the Elixir of Youth from Thailand are thought to increase the firmness of breasts. Many of these herbs are available in supplements and in homeopathic cures. Generally these herbs are thought to increase the level of hormones that stimulate breast growth in the blood. The idea is to mimic the breast growth seen during pregnancy and nursing.
  • Massage: there is a school of thought that certain kinds of massage can stimulate breast growth. The massage usually involves special techniques that a woman does herself.
  • Breast Enlargement Pills: these usually contain hormones to stimulate breast growth. They can be synthetic hormones or natural supplements that encourage hormone growth. Some of these products may stimulate the production of human growth hormone which can increase breast size.
  • Exercise: the exercise is thought to work in a similar way to the massage. Special exercises are designed to firm up the breasts and increase their size much as other exercises can increase muscle sizes. Breast exercises may involve weight lifting and other muscle builders.
  • Diet: it has long been known that diets rich in certain kinds of foods usually high protein foods like eggs stimulate the production of human growth hormone. Higher levels of this hormone in women can lead to the increased breast growth. Diets rich in high protein foods like eggs and vitamin rich greens have been known to encourage HGH production.
  • Supplements: These are usually made from herbs and can be thought of as concentrated herbs. In many cases the most powerful ingredients in plants, fruits, barks and vegetables are distilled and concentrated in pill or cream form.
  • Some questionable methods: there at least is some science behind the methods laid out above. Some of the other methods have no real basis in science and it’s difficult to see how they can work. A prime example of a questionable method is hypnosis.

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