How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks (With Pictures and Video)

It is pointless to say that what it feels like to have stretch marks on any part of the body. But the points in question are what stretch marks are and how to get rid of stretch marks. Well, generally, stretch marks develop when the skin of the body changes its shape very quickly. This unexpected change creates a tear in the middle layer of the skin and finally results into stretch marks on the body. But it is not something that is incurable. If it is given proper and timely treatment, it will disappear soon. Now, here is how to get rid of stretch marks. It should be kept in mind that chronic stretch marks disappear with great difficulties.

Proper treatment on time: It is recommended that one should go for the treatment at its early inception, because once it becomes chronic, it would be difficult to get rid of them.

Massage is of essence: massage helps a lot in getting rid of stretch marks. So, affected area should be massaged four to five times a day using moisturizers having shea butter or cocoa butter as a key component like in revitol stretch mark cream, . This is very effective at the inception of the marks.

Application of self-tanner: Application of self-tanner reduces the manifestation of stretch marks to a great extent. For the best result, it is better to exfoliate in advance.

Topical treatments help a lot: It goes without saying that tropical treatment helps a lot in getting rid of stretch marks. Wheat germ oil, Glycolic acid, Vitamin C, Relastin, Retinoids, Topical tretinoin and many more like them have stood the test and proven to be effective in getting rid of the stretch marks on the body. But it is strongly recommended to use it under the recommendation and supervision of the dermatologist or any person with expertise in this field.

Laser treatment: To get rid of the stretch marks on the body, you can go for laser treatments. It will help you a lot in getting rid of both purple/red and white stretch marks on the body. Some of the available laser treatments for stretch marks are as follows:

    • Fractionated laser – It reduced chronic, more deep-rooted stretch marks. It will cost you around $1000 USD per session, and at least 3 sessions are required.
    • Vascular lasers – It is very effective against redness by treating the blood vessels behind it. It will cost you $450 per session and you need 3-6 sessions.
    • The excimer laser: It is a very effective treatment for the chronic stretch marks. It works by triggering production of melanin so that the stretch marks may get same colour as the immediate skin. It will cost you $200-700 per treatment and you need at least 10-20 treatments.

But these are not the only way to get rid of stretch marks on the body. Apart from them, there are also some other ways to get rid of stretch marks on the body. With the help of surgical procedures wherein the skin is removed, one can also get rid of the stretch marks on the body.


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