Curing Hair Loss

Today beauty and appearance go hand in hand and a lot is done to sustain the looks and as long as this is the priority of mankind research will go on in the field of finding a cure for hair loss. Each and every human body has a different body constituent with different levels of hormones, chemicals and enzymes. So far because of this difference there has been no universal cure for hair loss. There are varieties of topical pills, herbs and hair products available in the market and men and women both are experimenting with these products, while some have seen re-growth after using these products, there are some who have shown less than desired results. If you have enough of money to go in for surgical cures then this is one such option wherein you can regain your beautiful hair. This process involves a variety of transplant techniques and can be tedious and sometimes painful. This hair transplant techniques is available for both men and women.

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Hair transplants: In this modern technique a strip of hair is taken from the back as usually the baldness pattern does not affect the back of the head. From these strips individual follicles are extracted and then they are implanted into the bald area of the scalp. In this procedure more emphasis is on getting the follicle in so that the slant of the hair is correct for that bald part of the head. In this procedure about 1-5 hairs in each follicle are taken and you can just imagine as to how many transplants you will need in case you want full thick head of hair in order to replace the entire bald part or portion of your head. On an average the cost of a transplant per follicle is about $4-$6. And if you are women then the cost of the entire transplant procedure may be more. If you don’t wish to spend so much money than you have to wait until there are some really good re-growth products available in the market. Some good products like Procerin shampoo are available in the market and what with the advance in hair accessories for men and women like wise in the form of wigs and other fashion accessories. You can buy one but for this you will need the help of a good professional who is experienced in developing unique hair pieces according to individual needs. You need a hair piece which will fit on your head properly; you also need to build the confidence to carry with this hair piece which is of utmost importance. As of now there is no permanent cure for your bald patch and to prevent from the social embarrassment all you need to do is to make use of the best available option till a more better and permanent solution comes to your rescue. Controlling stress and anxiety over this bald patch of hair will go a long way in building your confidence.

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