Ab Exercises with Resistance Bands

A good body is a dream of every individual. For this many of us spend huge amounts in fitness clubs and gyms. But it is important to understand that do we really know what exercises should be there through which our dream can be fulfilled or we are just running behind the fake world of gyms and other fitness clubs. Only joining some club or gym is not sufficient till the time you will not put some extra efforts from your side to get better results.

One must have to do his or her home work before joining so he will not be treated as a fresher and become a fool in the crowd of those clever foxes who just want to collect money from your pockets.

When you start exercising to reduce weight the following exercises must be the part of your fitness plan to get effective results:

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardio exercise is done mainly on legs and to equip you with sound heart and lungs. You can also check that weather the exercise is getting hard, normal or just enough by checking your pulse. You can ask your observer to check your maximum heart beat rate.

For women it is 226 and for men it is 220 per minute.
Different kinds of cardio exercises are- walking, swimming, jogging and aerobics.

Strength training

Strength training mainly builds the lean body and raises your energy level. As per www.getphenq.com,  the different exercises are:

  1. dumbbells
  2. resistance bands
  3. own body weight

Flexible exercises

Flexible exercises are ignored now a days but it should not be done as they are equally important. A twenty second flexible exercise also works very well and they must be given equal importance. Stretches are very important before proper exercise.

Resistance bands

These resistance bands are multipurpose and they are also advised by the therapist to use while exercising or toning up your body. They can also be used at home. They are easy to use. Many of the people around are not aware about these bands. They are just simple rubber bands. They are available in different colors which show the amount of stress which the user will have to bear. The green color band shows the simplicity in use, the yellow color band show medium stress and red colored band show the toughness in use. Now it is up to you that which one you would like to prefer.

A combination of an exercise and resistance band will serve you with desired results. Six packs will not be far away from you. The use must be clear to the users so that best results will come out. Following things should be kept in mind while using a resistance band:

  1. First sit on the floor.
  2. Arrange the broader part of band around your feet.
  3. Take ends of band in each of your hands.
  4. Tight your abs and sit straight.
  5. Exhale when pull in the stomach.
  6. Take your left arm up and twist your right arm.
  7. Come back to center and start positioning again.
  8. Repeat the exercise again.

Use the simple exercise and see the impact.

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